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Urban Outfitters Design Theft?

5 Jun

Recently Urban Outfitters has been accused of stealing the idea f their “I Heart Desitnations” necklace collection from jewelery maker Stephanie Koerner.  In a blog post on the company’s blog Urban Outfitters defended themselves.  They made it very clear that they pride themselves in the collaboration with emergining designers.  They denied anysort of theft and metioned that the concept is not unique to Koerner’s designes alone. 

I think this is an interesting example of both transparency and the use of social media to avoid a crisis.  Urban Ourfitters monitored what was being said about its brand and responed via the company blog before the accusations created a groundswell.  The company was also upfront about the accusations and did not avoid the situation.  I think Urban Ourfitters handled this well, but I would have liked to hae known if the collection was from a contrinbuting designer or from an in-house designer.  I also would have liked to see outreach to Koerner to ensure her understanding.

As a PR student I am on  the look out for examples of how social media is used to avoid conflict, crisis and harm to brands.  All in all, I think Urban Outfitters did a fine job of crisis avoidance.


Connecting Retailers and Customers Through Seamless Social Media

30 May

Branding is how all businesses differentiate themselves from each other.  Consumers are influenced by what they hear, see and are told about a brand and social media is the most effective way to communicate your brand image.  A unified representation of yourself across all outlets ensures that your audience is receiving your desired message.  Blogger Krista Peck from Fashionably Marketing Me uses Hobo International as a prime example of this seamless use of social media.  When Hobo relaunched its website it also revamped its Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate its new image.

Retailers using social media is extremely important when it comes to maintaining customer relationships.  So much of the shopping experience happens after shoppers go home.  They get opinions on their purchases and talk about their experiences.  With everything happening online retailers and designers need to have a social presence to monitor conversations happening around their brands and products.  Companies like Nordstrom do an excellent job at responding to all posts, both negative and positive.  Bottom line is that we all are living our lives online and retailers need to learn to communicate their brand images via those social media outlets so they do not miss out on potential audiences and can manage any potential crises.

Photo Credit: Popai.com