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Professional Style: How to dress professionally without losing your sense of style

22 May
As my school year comes to an end and my internship with Nordstrom is starting in early June I have to start thinking about ditching my jeans and tennis shoes for pencil skirts and heels.  Just because I am supposed to dress more professionally does not mean that I need to give up my style.  I started thinking about what I would wear to work and wanted to put some ideas together.  I like the idea of mixing standard “professional” pieces like pencil skirts and blazers with feminine touches like ruffled tops and dresses.  Adding trendy accessories like neutral earrings and classic Mary Jane heels, which I am obsessed with, keep professional wear youthful.  I think clothes are an expression of ourselves, and we shouldn’t stifle that just because we are expected to dress professionally and conservatively.  You can still play and have fun with patterns, jewelery and feminine touches.  Look out world, here I come!