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Decorating Obsession: Texture

28 Jul
Textured interior
It’s no secret that I have been consumed with shopping for my first apartment.  And by shopping I mean dreaming about all the things I wish I could have in my house.  During my nightly online shopping time I have spent plenty of time on various decor sites.  What I have realized is that I am obsessed with the idea of solid, textured materials in pretty much everything from bedding to bath mats to laundry bags.  I love the antique and feminine feel I get from these textured pieces.  Obviously I wouldn’t use all of them but picking the one or two pieces is going to be very hard.

My New Obsession, and the Future of Trend Forecasting

8 May

I just signed up with Polyvore, an online fashion network that allows you to create visual representations of outfits.  The site literally gives you access to everything you can dream of to create the ultimate visually appealing view of your favorite looks.  I’ve only been a member for five days and I have already made about seven looks, or sets as the site calls them.   It has quickly become my favorite past-time.  Instead of watching old episodes of Gossip Girl I know create looks that I think the characters would wear.  Kind of creepy I know, but if you are in to styling then this site is definitely for you.

Blair Waldorf
The site gives you the chance to browse galleries with literally thousands of pieces to create any look you want.  You can search for a specific piece by using the search bar, or you can browse certain trends and pull our favorites.  Once you find a piece  you like you can either just create a set or add it to your favorite’s closet to work with it later.
Spring Colors
What I like most about Polyvore is that it gives me a chance to explore not only my own creativity but gain inspiration from other people. I see the site more of a fashion social network because it shows people to look for and most popular sets in a news feed type of thing.  It gives me a chance to follow other members whose style I like.  The site lets me connect to groups that I like, like stores and designers, to meet people with similar fashion tastes as me.  I also can gain contacts and ask for advice on my sets.  The community aspect of Polyvore allows people to create trends and try out different styles.  It is basically a community of people who like to create fashionable looks and learn from each other, and as a student, it is my number one priority to learn and refine my skills while I can.  If you are already on Polyvore check out my sets and connect with me, DanaNicholson.  If you are curious about pursuing a career in fashion I would check it out.