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The Necessary Highs in Life

7 Dec


As a young woman living in a world where I am constantly bombarded with images about what I “should” look like and shows based around the so-called reality I can sometimes get discouraged.  The media tells us that we are not good enough how we are, but if we buy that brand of toothpaste or make-up we will be.  With people like Snooki plastered across pop culture we are forced to wonder, is that really what they want us to be exposed to?  In 100 years of the perceptions of our culture were solely based on media artifacts, I don’t think I would want to be associated with the Snookis and Lindsays of the world.

What happened to the time when women were ladies?  What is stopping us for becoming the modern woman we want to be, with the class and elegance of the past?  I have stumbled upon this quote several times and it always speaks to me: “Keep your heels, head and standards high.”  To me this reminds me to present myself with class out of respect for myself, to never get discouraged and to never settle for something I don’t believe in.  With that combination I feel as though I am on the path to the woman I hope to be someday.


Sexiness is subtle. Overdoing it is just trashy.

29 Nov

More inspiring style advise from the one and only Rachel Zoe.  Keeping it classy and subtle is much sexier than stripper shoes, skin tight and exposed everything.  It’s the little things that are sexy.  Hints of lace, an open back, an exposed shoulder.  Pick one and go with it.