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Cream, Casual and Can’t Live Without

10 Jul

As a self-proclaimed shoe junkie I am constantly on the look out for a great pair of shoes.  Obviously the first thing I always look for is a killer pair of heels or wedges but given that I am spending the summer working retail I am more concerned with flats right now.  My favorite pairs so far are the cream colored crocheted TOMS, Sperry Top-Sider ‘Montauk’ Boat Shoes in white and tan, and off white oxfords with a blue stripped laces.











I think that all of these shoes are versatile enough to be work with different looks while still being appropriate for both work and casual clothes.  Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have these three pairs (if nothing else) added to my shoe collection, even though the TOMS are sold out pretty much everywhere.  SO if you see them in a size 7 anywhere, let me know ASAP! Thanks! 🙂


Professional Style: How to dress professionally without losing your sense of style

22 May
As my school year comes to an end and my internship with Nordstrom is starting in early June I have to start thinking about ditching my jeans and tennis shoes for pencil skirts and heels.  Just because I am supposed to dress more professionally does not mean that I need to give up my style.  I started thinking about what I would wear to work and wanted to put some ideas together.  I like the idea of mixing standard “professional” pieces like pencil skirts and blazers with feminine touches like ruffled tops and dresses.  Adding trendy accessories like neutral earrings and classic Mary Jane heels, which I am obsessed with, keep professional wear youthful.  I think clothes are an expression of ourselves, and we shouldn’t stifle that just because we are expected to dress professionally and conservatively.  You can still play and have fun with patterns, jewelery and feminine touches.  Look out world, here I come!

Spring 2011 on a Budget

15 May
Spring fashion is all about dressing up and having fun with your clothes, which can be hard on a college student budget.  It also can be hard living in Oregon, where we don;t get the chance to have as much fun as other sunny states like my home, California.  Either way, as a broke college student living in overcast, I still like to play with spring style.  There are a few staples that I have recently added to my wardrobe that helps me keep my closet looking fresh without breaking my bank or being too over the top in Oregon weather.Nude Pump

I’d been looking for a nude pump for a while.  I found a ton that I loved, but none that I could afford, until i found a pair in Target.  All of my friends tried the last pair in the store on, and no one fit into them except me.  It was like our own game of Cinderella.  We took it as a sign and I of course had to get them.  They are obvious knock-offs of Steve Madden’s Bevv heel but for $29.99 I couldn’t say no.  I wear them with black mini-skirts or jeans and I absolutely love them.

Floral Skirt, Dress, or Shorts

Obviously floral is a huge spring trend.  There are tons of ways you can incorporate this into your closet.  I chose a tight dark floral skirt from Wet Seal to wear out at night.  Other options are floral dresses you can wear with either boots or sandals, or high-waisted loose cotton shorts paired with strappy sandals. 

Feather Earrings

One of my favorite aspects of the hippie 70’s trend is feather accessories, but mainly feather earrings.  I’m not a huge fan of clusters of feathers dangling from people’s ears, I kind of think they look like they are trying to fly.  But a one colored simple feather earring can ad a little bit of easiness and to an outfit. 

Spring Staples by DanaNicholson featuring fringe handbags

Brand, More Than Just a Label

1 May

As a public relations student I spend a good portion of my time learning about personal branding as a way to stand out to potential employers.  It took me a long time to figure out what how to brand myself, which sounds a little bit like I am trying to sell myself, but I guess that it what job hunting is in a some strange way.  I found this post from Dan Schawbel’s blog “Personal Branding Blog” from blogger David Trahan.  Trahan discusses the lessons he learned about personal branding from New York Fashion Week.  As a fashion enthusiast I paid attention.  Like Trahan I believe that style plays a big role in defining an image.  “After all, my style is an important part of my personal brand image.  It’s something that can express who I am as an individual” (Trahan).   In his post Trahan suggests a set of six questions to ask yourself to help develop your personal brand via fashion.

1. How do my clothes portray my personality?

I like to consider my style dressed-up casual with touched of femininity.  My daily clothes mainly consist jeans, flat chestnut boots or ballet flats, some sort of sweater or cardigan, and sometimes a scarf depending on the weather.  I love lace, bows, and ruffles, and I try to incorporate those styles into my wardrobe in a soft and understated way.

2. What do I think about other people’s clothes?

My friends are always asking me to borrow clothes, so I take that as a compliment to my style choices.  I think that if other people want to borrow my clothes that they like the clothes I own, and how I put them together to create an outfit.

3. What do other people think about my clothes?

Other people think my clothes are cute and stylish.  Mainly they think I can put together an outfit well.  My friends and family told me that I am their favorite shopping buddy because I give them my opinion and help them put together outfits so they don’t have to do it themselves.  My sister told me yesterday while shopping for an outfit for a Baptism that I was her little fashionista and that she didn’t know what she would do without me.

4. Whose style of dress do I like?

My style icon is a fictional character, as sad as that is.  I am absolutely obsessed with Blair Waldorf‘s style from Gossip Girl. She is classy and elegant while stile being modern. 

5. What style of dress is appropriate for my job?

Considering I don’t have a professional job yet, this question is kind of hard to answer.  As a student, casual is the most appropriate style of dress, but I don’t believe in wearing sweats to class unlike the majority of my classmates.  As a future sales intern with Nordstrom I plan on dressing in business casual.

6. If I could wear anything to work today, what would I wear?

If I were going to a professional job today I would wear gray dress pants with a matching fitted blazer, black pumps, and jewel toned silk blouse with either a bow around the neckline or ruffles down the front.  I think this outfit is professional while still being young and demonstrating my own personal style.

Given my answers to Trahan’s personal branding questions I would say that my style brands me as clean, put together, classic, and feminine.  At least that is how I hope I am seen.  My personal brand will be exemplified through my clothes mainly because it is the first impression people people get from meeting me.  It is clear that I take pride in my wardrobe and I hope that translates into my work.