Brand, More Than Just a Label

1 May

As a public relations student I spend a good portion of my time learning about personal branding as a way to stand out to potential employers.  It took me a long time to figure out what how to brand myself, which sounds a little bit like I am trying to sell myself, but I guess that it what job hunting is in a some strange way.  I found this post from Dan Schawbel’s blog “Personal Branding Blog” from blogger David Trahan.  Trahan discusses the lessons he learned about personal branding from New York Fashion Week.  As a fashion enthusiast I paid attention.  Like Trahan I believe that style plays a big role in defining an image.  “After all, my style is an important part of my personal brand image.  It’s something that can express who I am as an individual” (Trahan).   In his post Trahan suggests a set of six questions to ask yourself to help develop your personal brand via fashion.

1. How do my clothes portray my personality?

I like to consider my style dressed-up casual with touched of femininity.  My daily clothes mainly consist jeans, flat chestnut boots or ballet flats, some sort of sweater or cardigan, and sometimes a scarf depending on the weather.  I love lace, bows, and ruffles, and I try to incorporate those styles into my wardrobe in a soft and understated way.

2. What do I think about other people’s clothes?

My friends are always asking me to borrow clothes, so I take that as a compliment to my style choices.  I think that if other people want to borrow my clothes that they like the clothes I own, and how I put them together to create an outfit.

3. What do other people think about my clothes?

Other people think my clothes are cute and stylish.  Mainly they think I can put together an outfit well.  My friends and family told me that I am their favorite shopping buddy because I give them my opinion and help them put together outfits so they don’t have to do it themselves.  My sister told me yesterday while shopping for an outfit for a Baptism that I was her little fashionista and that she didn’t know what she would do without me.

4. Whose style of dress do I like?

My style icon is a fictional character, as sad as that is.  I am absolutely obsessed with Blair Waldorf‘s style from Gossip Girl. She is classy and elegant while stile being modern. 

5. What style of dress is appropriate for my job?

Considering I don’t have a professional job yet, this question is kind of hard to answer.  As a student, casual is the most appropriate style of dress, but I don’t believe in wearing sweats to class unlike the majority of my classmates.  As a future sales intern with Nordstrom I plan on dressing in business casual.

6. If I could wear anything to work today, what would I wear?

If I were going to a professional job today I would wear gray dress pants with a matching fitted blazer, black pumps, and jewel toned silk blouse with either a bow around the neckline or ruffles down the front.  I think this outfit is professional while still being young and demonstrating my own personal style.

Given my answers to Trahan’s personal branding questions I would say that my style brands me as clean, put together, classic, and feminine.  At least that is how I hope I am seen.  My personal brand will be exemplified through my clothes mainly because it is the first impression people people get from meeting me.  It is clear that I take pride in my wardrobe and I hope that translates into my work.


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