The Necessary Highs in Life

7 Dec


As a young woman living in a world where I am constantly bombarded with images about what I “should” look like and shows based around the so-called reality I can sometimes get discouraged.  The media tells us that we are not good enough how we are, but if we buy that brand of toothpaste or make-up we will be.  With people like Snooki plastered across pop culture we are forced to wonder, is that really what they want us to be exposed to?  In 100 years of the perceptions of our culture were solely based on media artifacts, I don’t think I would want to be associated with the Snookis and Lindsays of the world.

What happened to the time when women were ladies?  What is stopping us for becoming the modern woman we want to be, with the class and elegance of the past?  I have stumbled upon this quote several times and it always speaks to me: “Keep your heels, head and standards high.”  To me this reminds me to present myself with class out of respect for myself, to never get discouraged and to never settle for something I don’t believe in.  With that combination I feel as though I am on the path to the woman I hope to be someday.


Sexiness is subtle. Overdoing it is just trashy.

29 Nov

More inspiring style advise from the one and only Rachel Zoe.  Keeping it classy and subtle is much sexier than stripper shoes, skin tight and exposed everything.  It’s the little things that are sexy.  Hints of lace, an open back, an exposed shoulder.  Pick one and go with it.

Obsession: Rachel Zoe

14 Sep

"Style is sort of the best way to say who you are without having to speak."-R.Z.

The season premiere of Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project brought a lot more than outrageous furs, big-framed sunglasses and the periodic “uh-mazing”s of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.  It gave fans an inside look to Zoe’s new fashion line.  I pretty much screamed, not just because of the clothes, but because the fit model was my high school friend Jordan.  It was crazy seeing her on TV with such an influential stylist.  She may have been the original reason why I tuned in that night, but Rachel herself is the reason why I will keep watching and have been obsessing about everything Zoe; including comedian Amy Phillips impersonation videos.


Not only am I obsessed with her line (available at major retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus) but I am completely in love with her.  I think she is AMAZING with her work ethic and passion for what she does and I only hope to one day love my job as much as she loves hers.

Decorating Obsession: Texture

28 Jul
Textured interior
It’s no secret that I have been consumed with shopping for my first apartment.  And by shopping I mean dreaming about all the things I wish I could have in my house.  During my nightly online shopping time I have spent plenty of time on various decor sites.  What I have realized is that I am obsessed with the idea of solid, textured materials in pretty much everything from bedding to bath mats to laundry bags.  I love the antique and feminine feel I get from these textured pieces.  Obviously I wouldn’t use all of them but picking the one or two pieces is going to be very hard.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

19 Jul

Sam Edelman 'Kellan' Wedge

I saw these on the Sam Edelman website and I absolutely love them.  Then I come to learn that they are available at Nordstrom, which means I could exercise my employee discount AND maybe use my Nordstrom Note that I will be getting soon.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

Cream, Casual and Can’t Live Without

10 Jul

As a self-proclaimed shoe junkie I am constantly on the look out for a great pair of shoes.  Obviously the first thing I always look for is a killer pair of heels or wedges but given that I am spending the summer working retail I am more concerned with flats right now.  My favorite pairs so far are the cream colored crocheted TOMS, Sperry Top-Sider ‘Montauk’ Boat Shoes in white and tan, and off white oxfords with a blue stripped laces.











I think that all of these shoes are versatile enough to be work with different looks while still being appropriate for both work and casual clothes.  Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have these three pairs (if nothing else) added to my shoe collection, even though the TOMS are sold out pretty much everywhere.  SO if you see them in a size 7 anywhere, let me know ASAP! Thanks! 🙂

Obsession: Decorative Bedding

2 Jul

Since I will be moving into my very first apartment at the end of August I have developed a new obsession, decorating.  More specifically I have become obsessed with finding my perfect bedding.  Of course I have had my own room at my parents’ houses, the dorms and my sorority house but nothing to the extent of decorating that is completely mine. I really like the idea of texture and mixing neutral comforters with bright colored sheets.  I have found a ton that I like but have narrowed down my choices to four.  I have some time to decide but until then I will continue to obsess.

Urban Outfitters Design Theft?

5 Jun

Recently Urban Outfitters has been accused of stealing the idea f their “I Heart Desitnations” necklace collection from jewelery maker Stephanie Koerner.  In a blog post on the company’s blog Urban Outfitters defended themselves.  They made it very clear that they pride themselves in the collaboration with emergining designers.  They denied anysort of theft and metioned that the concept is not unique to Koerner’s designes alone. 

I think this is an interesting example of both transparency and the use of social media to avoid a crisis.  Urban Ourfitters monitored what was being said about its brand and responed via the company blog before the accusations created a groundswell.  The company was also upfront about the accusations and did not avoid the situation.  I think Urban Ourfitters handled this well, but I would have liked to hae known if the collection was from a contrinbuting designer or from an in-house designer.  I also would have liked to see outreach to Koerner to ensure her understanding.

As a PR student I am on  the look out for examples of how social media is used to avoid conflict, crisis and harm to brands.  All in all, I think Urban Outfitters did a fine job of crisis avoidance.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall. Shopping of the Future?

30 May

In 2010 the New York City Macy’s store kicked off Fashion Week by installing the Magic Fitting Room Mirror.  This mirror offers shoppers the chance to digitally try on clothing without stripping down.  The mirror produces images of yourself in your selected items and gives you the opportunity to change colors and sizes.  Need a second opinion?  No problem.  The Magic Mirror allows you to upload the digital images of yourself to Facebook and Twitter to ask friends and family for their opinions.  Another huge perk is that you can receive a text telling you where to find the pieces in your new outfit.  Seems pretty interesting, right?

This concept is definitely appealing to retailers.  No more messy dressing rooms to clean up after, no more bringing out-of-place merchandise back to the proper place, and no more long lines at the fitting room to manage.  But looking at this product at the consumer level, I’m not so sure how appealing this service is.  It is definitely cool and would be interesting to try, but I can’t imagine this taking over.  Maybe tweaking the technology to create an interactive online shopping experience or as a piece of  a technological art museum.  I just think that this mirror takes away the experience of shopping.  Yes it is more convenient but you lose the thrill of seeing how the garment lays and moves with you.  That is something that technology can never replace.

Connecting Retailers and Customers Through Seamless Social Media

30 May

Branding is how all businesses differentiate themselves from each other.  Consumers are influenced by what they hear, see and are told about a brand and social media is the most effective way to communicate your brand image.  A unified representation of yourself across all outlets ensures that your audience is receiving your desired message.  Blogger Krista Peck from Fashionably Marketing Me uses Hobo International as a prime example of this seamless use of social media.  When Hobo relaunched its website it also revamped its Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate its new image.

Retailers using social media is extremely important when it comes to maintaining customer relationships.  So much of the shopping experience happens after shoppers go home.  They get opinions on their purchases and talk about their experiences.  With everything happening online retailers and designers need to have a social presence to monitor conversations happening around their brands and products.  Companies like Nordstrom do an excellent job at responding to all posts, both negative and positive.  Bottom line is that we all are living our lives online and retailers need to learn to communicate their brand images via those social media outlets so they do not miss out on potential audiences and can manage any potential crises.

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